sunnuntai 21. kesäkuuta 2009

These have been a long time coming so, in the words of Vaari...

Jan turned 17, at the end of June. He was gently wakened for cake, presents and his favortie magazine!

Cathy got the royal treatment, for her 26th birthday today!

June is almost over and, we are all hoping we will be able to put our winter coats away soon! Seriously, the weather has been the coldest in 60 years! We are hoping to get a few days, even weeks(hope maketh us not ashamed) of warm weather in, so we can spend some time at the cabin by the lake, in Tampere. We are looking forward to having the whole family together at the end of July and, welcoming the newest addition to our Poppoo.....if she/he would just only hurry up and get borned...anytime soon, like.

If you are in our direction, Helsinki, Tampere, or Siuntio, look us up and come for coffee!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Heh hee... Hyviä kuvia.

    What is Vaari do, that required such a nice apologigy? Spill out the details online for millions to read. :)

    Jan, sähän rupeat näyttämään pikkuhiljaa jo mieheltä. Onko sut laitettu jollekin punttiskuurille futisharkoissa?

    Cathy, now I understand what is up with Kalevi-vauva. He is waiting for us to come to Finland before he wants to come out. He is such a considerate little boy. But no worries, only 31 days to go! ;)



  2. Danny, like this baby would ever wait for another 31 days!? rupert.

  3. Danny, Ihan tossa alakerran punttisalilla oon käyny ny säännöllisesti. Joskus myös Jonin kanssa kävässy Leppävaaran salilla. Ja tietenkin jotain pientä lihaskuntoa harkkojen jälkeenkin tehny. Vihdoinkin on alkanu näyttää siltä, että jotain on tullu tehtyä. =)